The Hotel

Get healthy and stay healthy at this Hotel with its long-standing tradition of hospitality ,guaranteed from the constant presence of the Tognato family since its opening in 1966.

The hotel offers warm surroundings characterized by a warm, friendly atmosphere. It is fitted with every modern amenity and is surrounded by the dense greenery of a large park far from traffic but in the center of Montegrotto Terme.There are comfortable lounges, a reading and TV room, a bar, two lifts and three thermal swimming pools. This complete range of facilities make mud-bath treatments more plesurable.

When nature becomes art

In front of the Duomo, the hotel’s 60,000 m2 park is accessed via a long street of cedars and hazel trees. Ideal place to relax in the shade of a pine tree, run with your dog and go jogging.
An important meeting was hosted in the park in 2003 and national athletics (cross-country running) editions were hosted.