New SPA “Terme di Reitia”

Dedicated to Reitia, healing goddess of the ancient Venetians.
In the “Terme di Reitia” you can find a thermal grotta, biosauna, a steam bath and emotional showers (not always open).

Dedicated to mud therapy since 1966

The principal treatment practised in the hotel is MUDTHERAPY. From the subsoil of Montegrotto hot spring water gushes up to 87° C, and it is unique in the world, enriched with chemical substances. The mud treatment in Hotel Terme Vulcania is classified as 1st Superior Category by the Minister of Health for its quality and proven therapeutic properties. Our Thermal Center is part of the monitored network of the University of Padua which controls the maturation process and the quality of the thermal mud.

The Thermal Center of Hotel Vulcania is classified to be at the first superior level for mud therapy by the Ministry of Health. The mud is cured in special pools where it is continually infused with hot spring water; in time it becomes cured, enriched with algae, and acquires its wellknown properties. All the treatments are carried out within the hotel using treated mud which is extracted from age-old sources, under the supervision of a medical specialist and the health director.The mud therapy treatment is performed according to recommended prescription which can be in care of the hotel, two or three weeks.

The MUD-THERAPY is particularly effective for prevention and treatmen for all types of arthrosis, the most widespread disease in the contemporary world, and the cost is refunded by the main European mutual benefit societies. The session of thermal mud therapy is divided into four phases: the application of the mud, a bath in thermal water, perspiration reaction, and stimulating massage with its beneficial effect on the muscles and the nervous system. For respiratory-disease it is recommended to undergo an aerosol-therapy or an inhalation-therapy.